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Are you wandering over the internet in search of TSC Recruitment legit information? If yes, we have provided all necessary details about the job vacancies, requirements, how to apply, closing date etc.

Truth be detailed, it is not easy to source legit information from the internet these days, but that should be the least of your worries since you are here.

Well, I have already gathered all the information regarding Kenya Teaching Service Commission requirements, HRMIS portal login, application method, starting/closing date, screening, shortlisted candidates and every other important information concerning the TSC job, and I will be walking you through them in this guide.

So, now that you know about this guide’s content, this quickly draws me to the edge of sharing with you TSC Recruitment and everything within.

TSC Recruitment 2023/24 Application Form

The TSC Recruitment 2023/24 Application Form is already out there for only the interested ones.

However, looking from afar, it might seem easy to secure a role during the TSC Recruitment process due to its transparency. There are tiny things most people overlook, and due to underrating these factors, they miss an opportunity to secure a role during the Recruitment exercise.

Moreover, I would not want the same to happen to you.

You see, you are not the only person partaking in the 2023/24 Kenyan Teachers Service Commission recruitment exercise, there are hundreds to thousands of other Kenyans eyeing the same role you are interested in.

Nevertheless, consider yourself lucky as you will be getting off this page with the necessary information that you need.

So, before you continue to read on, take a chill pill to make sure you do not skip any line in this guide.

Is the TSC 2023/24 Application Form Out?

Yes, the Kenyan Teachers Service Commission Application form for the 2023/24 applicant is out. Although it might be doubted, I have confirmed the information to be true.

So, you can now access the application form via www.teachersonline.go.ke for free, and if you are applying for a role in TSC, you should quickly visit the application portal and fill out the electronic form.

But before you proceed with registering, consider knowing how to register, the available positions, the basic requirements, and other information detailed in this guide.

When Is TSC Recruitment Starting?

Having detailed the above information, the TSC Recruitment exercise has already started since May 26th 2023, but that should not freak you out as there is still time to learn and know the next steps that you should take.

Which Positions Are Available For The TSC Recruitment 2023/24?

There are multiple positions/roles available for the 2023/24 TSC recruitment, and it is best if you go through the list and confirm if the position or role you are eyeing is up for vacant or not.

So, having said that, below are the available positions for grab in the ongoing TSC recruitment exercise –

  • Chief Principal (Regular Secondary School)
  • Senior Principal (Regular Secondary School) (108 Posts)
  • Principal (Regular Secondary School) (541 Posts)
  • Deputy Principal II (Regular Secondary School) (547 Posts)
  • Senior Lecturer I (T-Scale 12)
  • Deputy Principal III (Regular Secondary School) (1057 POSTS)
  • Senior Master III (Regular School) (1142 Posts)
  • Senior Lecture IV (TTC)- 216 Posts
  • Senior Master IV (Regular School)- 12,716 Posts
  • Secondary Teacher I (Regular School) – 928 Posts
  • Head Teacher (Regular Primary School) – (1049 Posts)
  • Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Hearing Impairment (15 Posts)
  • Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Intellectual Disability (10 posts)
  • Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Autism (1 Posts)
  • Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Physical Impairment (2 Posts)
  • Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Visual Impairment (2 Posts)
  • Deputy Head Teacher II (Regular Primary School) (1,930 Posts)
  • Senior Teacher I (Regular Primary School) – 3,040 Posts
  • Senior Teacher I (SNE Primary School) – 346 Posts
  • Senior Teacher II (Regular Primary School) (10,819 Posts)
  • Senior Teacher II (SNE Primary School) (700 Posts)
  • Senior Principal (SNE Secondary School)
  • Senior Master I I (T-scale 12 )
  • Senior Master II (SNE Secondary School)
  • Senior Master III (SNE Secondary School)
  • Senior Master IV (SNE Secondary School)
  • Secondary Teacher I (SNE Secondary School)
  • Principal (SNE Secondary School)
  • Chemistry/Physics Internship
  • Kiswahili/ GEO Internship
  • Maths/ BST Internship
  • Kiswahili/ IRE Internship
  • Maths/ BST Internship
  • Biology /Chemistry Internship
  • English /Literature Internship

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The Basic Requirements For 2023/24 TSC Recruitment Exercise

Although you may seem qualified, not being able to provide the basic requirements for TSC Recruitment is likely to screen you out.

So, if you are still there reading down, below are the requirements you will make provision for to secure a role during your recruitment exercise –

  • You must be a Kenyan.
  • You must have a valid National identification card.
  • You must be a graduate of a recognized institution in Kenya and also with your Certificate of Registration as a teacher.
  • You must have authentic evidence of service as a teacher intern.
  • A Diploma/Degree certificate and official transcripts are needed. You must have.
  • Applicants must have KCSE certificates or its equivalent.
  • You must have a KCPE certificate or its equivalent.
  • You must have Primary and Secondary School leaving certificates and other relevant testimonials.
  • You must have the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) Card.
  • Applicant must show an Affidavit sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Laws of Kenya to explain the variance in names
  • Must have a Letter of certification of results by KNEC.

What Are The Teachers Service Commission Basics That You Should Know Before Applying?

Although this information might be considered known by every applicant by now, I draw into resounding it.

As an applicant, during the interview, you will be required to provide;

  • National Identity Card
  • Academic and professional certificates.
  • Appointment and resignation letter to the current grade.

Also, in any condition must you fake or forge your credentials. If you are caught in such an act, you will be forced to face prosecution.

How Can I Apply For The 2023/24 TSC Recruitment?

It is an easy task indeed to apply for the 2023/24 TSC Recruitment program, but you still have to follow the below guidelines in avoidance to a mistake;

  • First, Visit the TSC application portal at www.teachersonline.go.ke.
  • Select an area of specialization/role.
  • Read through the application instructions.
  • Fill in your details in the given spaces.
  • Scan clearly and upload academic credentials with other required documents.
  • Submit your form for clarification.


A single mistake filling the form online can lower your chances of securing a position during the TSC recruitment exercise, So you always have to be careful.

Either way, I have shared with you everything that you need to come out victorious in the ongoing Kenyan TSC recruitment exercise, and do not forget to ask other pressing questions if you have any.

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